What are you

“So your nameless, not heartless, brainless but not gutless, then what are you if not harmless”. (By: Avtar Singh)

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Sensible Poison

Sensible poison,

a poison to be had.

A poison like cure,

some say it drives you mad.

The knowledge of truth wrapped in lies.

With a bitter and sweet taste,

it engulfs you in delight.

Being darker than dark


brighter than bright.

A helping hand,

the way to make a stand.

To free your mind,

from the chains of command.

Sensible poison,

a poison to be had.

By Avtar Singh

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Alternet ending for Othello

Act V, Scene 2                            Othello                                           Pg.89  


Scene 2. A Bedchamber in the Castle

Enter Lodovico, Montano, Cassio carried in a chair, and officers.


Lost be Iago, devilish, foul man. Sheltered he by night, not law or

Judgment and certainly not by our wrath.


Fool is he, run and run, day by day, and die by guilt at turn of your


(Othello screams aloud

like a cornered animal.)


Count moments thou demon, punishment as hell shall befall thy.


(To Othello)

Get a hold sir, played by a fool, lost is certain; for valiant men.


Lost be certain, mistakable deeds done and you ancient of mine.

What plead should I to thee? Crimes did I, unforgivable, pain known

To one who gives and receives. Forgive if thou could in your heart,

Views of me change; valiant to stringed puppet pulled on strings by

A mad dog.


Assure you I, remains love for thou, forgiveness fits to give. If helps

Ease your pain. Though not of I know , your own conscious to do the

Act V, Scene 2                            Othello                                           Pg.90  



Dear friend, kind, generous as art thou, good no  great Cassio.

Thousand pardons of my mistake to judge you, your character

Insulted and stained with colors of disloyalty and betrayal. Your

Forgiveness serves me well and so farewell, for I must seek

Forgiveness from another.


Pleased to hear such words of praise from you my good lord. But

Insulted who else to ask their forgiveness?


A gentle and  loving being, greatly done wrong to her.

(Othello goes to desdemona’s

dead body and kisses her

on the cheek.)


My lord…

(Othello takes out a dagger and

stabs himself in the heart. He drops

next to Desdemona’s body and dies.)


Valiant othello, done what have you.


Good lord, blessed be they.

Act V, Scene 3                           Othello                                            Pg.91  


My good lord, find may what seek you at clouds end, and  judgment

By God be kind to you.

Enter 3 Officer’s of Iago’s search party.

1st Officer.

Searched and searched, no stone left unturned, slipped into

The night he has my lord. No current clues to where about, fled

Cyprus he has.

2nd Officer.

Ready to look again, my lord. Command us to continue and

We shall until day and some more if thou please.

3rd Officer.

Be on land no more, fled to waters around, guards confirm a

Small boat adrift the sea.


Forget about it, it seems to be of no use. Foul as he, more cruel

Punishments await. Concerned be with funerals of thy lord and lady,

As well as her attendant; Iago’s wife.


Scene 3. Outside Cyprus,  on Nearby Waters.

                                                           (Dark clouds approach, as wind

blows fast and giant waves hit Iago’s

small boat. He yells out aloud )


Victorious, victorious, victorious! Have no doubt I, remember shall I

All and yet nothing to remember!! marked all hearts, all that I have

Act V, Scene 3                          Othello                                           Pg.92

Ever met, pierced the trust they posses, Failure!

(lighting roars out loud, enough to

be felt by the heavens. But Iago

continues to yell loudly.)


Lost, lost, lost! Lost have I, lost to stupidity of a woman, whom I

Once called mine. Lost to one undeserving man, who lives to ruin

Me and mock me with his existence . Lost have I  to a monster,

Whose true nature I released, showed him his true self; dark as his

Own skins color. Fools to think so, lost have I not , called victory as

Far as I got. Start over shall I and become true to my nature as well.

Prevailed over light has darkness, nor wrong nor right, in the fields

Of battle, victory to one who lives through. Right am I not my valiant


(The storm causes a giant tsunami

to form in front of Iago’s ship.)


Ho! Ho! What a sight. Dust to dust and ash to ash, we shall all return.


BY: Avtar Singh.

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Born Deviant And Charged With A Crime

                             Reference be laid to the crime at hand,

                        known to be written by those in high command.

                              Being deviant, laws and orders break,

                     people say its only functional when everyone obeys.

                            The sword of justice pierces the heart.

                        An illness strikes, the more crime are commits.

                             Blamed on a disease, X’s and Y’s.

                         The only thing known that people tell lies.

                                         But I want to know why,

                                          why people tell lies,

                                          though I might know;

                                                     so do I.

                               A day will come when I fight myself,

                               knowing who I am and what I learned.

                                   My nature against my nurture,

                               for who I am and what I will become.

                              When lies and laws start to break,

                          deviant behaviour becomes a crime.

                                      Then high price is paid,

                                at the scaling weights of time.

                           Not knowing your left from your right,

                                          a chain of anomie,

                                           a chain of illusion,

                             a chain of life  set to be the confusion.

                                       The structure of society,

                                    a wall cracks and crumbles.

                             The conflict between people rise high

                                                    like tides.

                    In the animal kingdom the king knows his place,

                         yet even he sometimes changes his prey.

                               A predator becomes a scavenger,

        in the change of times, breaking norms and rules for a chance

                                                 to survive.

                                          So you know now

                                        why my words rhyme,

                                            sensible poison,

                              being deviant changed with a crime.

By: Avtar Singh

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Can a Priests Forgive your sins and can Pandits tell your future?

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Way of life in Sikhism

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The man behind A great religion: Baba Nanak dev ji





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