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Riddles of life: Ambition/ Conviction

We want to know, we need to know, the riddles of  life, solved like a puzzle; by me and you. Riddles of life: We state the riddles of life; never knowing the answers. Just the questions poop up , deepening the … Continue reading

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Free verse

Life is a free verse. If that’s what you think; not so free, is it, to you or another, when to get ahead, you need to pay a price. Some is felt and drowns, in your heart, but, let it go, … Continue reading

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“We are, who w…

“We are, who we are, never forget that !! But that doesn’t mean we can’t change our self’s.” By: Avtar Singh ( main author for Sensible Poison)

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Science Fantasia

Misjudged process repels demons entrapped in tho’s mind; setting ablaze knowledge captured insight. Infect the indigenous species, through superiority; bludgeon the hatred: infernos blaze and uncounted misinterpreting realities. What’s seen or  accepted, is only half (one piece) of the truth; the rest … Continue reading

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My Moon: moonlight

” The moon and it’s light”. Its been a while, quite long, as the day grew old (sunset) and the moon, forever young; beautiful as ever, rising, in the night. My moon, in the night, it’s been some time, since  we talked; in each others sight. … Continue reading

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Jingle on Theme

This is just for fun, so don’t mind if it sounds childish.   Thank you!!! Hey guys, do you want to know what theme is? Well even if you don’t, I’m going to tell you about it.                                          The words said … Continue reading

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Conviction and Reasoning

“Reasoning is a step to being human”. Is it the step of change as well? The convictions follow, the person may die but his/her sprite continues to live; on the path set in life followed in death. As the reaper … Continue reading

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