Riddles of life: Ambition/ Conviction

We want to know, we need to know, the riddles of  life, solved like a puzzle; by me and you.

Riddles of life:

We state the riddles of life;

never knowing the answers.

Just the questions poop up ,

deepening the mystery’s ;

until a a hole is created,

in you heart and mind.

To fill up that hole becomes your dream,

throughout the day and night;

forgetting everything around you,

lost in your own mind.

Ambition/ Conviction

Like most people you’ll see,

whats in your eyes;

the glare of the mighty sea.

The ambition combined with conviction,

left aside the pity pride;

to follow your dreams.

By: Avtar Singh ( main author for Sensible Poison)


About duhrafire2013

Loves to discuss with other (argue), talk about life and philosophy, and express myself through poetry (sometimes) . What ever I post or write is my own work, not copied from others; I like to create my own work of art.
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