A little about me: into my mind

I have let the plains of mind, blank, empty, transcending the mighty lords, in my mind.

To think on my own and like never before, I have become  different, delusional, to the ideas which I perceive; day in and day out.

What to do at the moment of conception, either follow, become a slave Zombie, or to take action and matters into my own, unskilled, inexperienced, shaking hands.

Yet time is irreverent, to the process of thinking, the light may represent the laws of speeds, limitations, fastest, yet we live in a space altered by us humans, maybe we can alter other things as well; then truly transcendent ourselves, “Becoming our own Gods”.

By: Avtar Singh (main author of Sensible Poison)


About duhrafire2013

Loves to discuss with other (argue), talk about life and philosophy, and express myself through poetry (sometimes) . What ever I post or write is my own work, not copied from others; I like to create my own work of art.
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