Days End

                              Days end, the king rises (a)

                             sorrow and pity is felt, hath(b)

                       not against thy queen. Against wrath,(b)

                          creed, drenched in colas; it arises(a)

                          Assemble your courage, distinct(c)

                                  thy self from others.(d)

                           Others hate rises; being myself(d)

                     Create an allusion, to follow your instinct.(c)

                             Go to the top, to fall in down(e)

                           get the emotion to create peace(f)

                        love the distrusted, hate the trusted.(g)

                            wear the headset, guilty crown(e)

                             set free life in new verses, gain(f)

                             the damned, loose;the mistrusted.(g)

By: Avtar Singh (main author of Sensible poison)


About Sensible Poison

I love to discuss with others, about life and philosophy, and express myself through poetry (sometimes) . Whatever I post is original work, not copied from others; I love to express myself and my life through poetic words.
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