Born Deviant And Charged With A Crime

                              Reference be laid to the crime at hand,

                       known to be written by those in high command.

                             Being deviant, laws and orders break,

                    people say it’s only functional when everyone obeys.      

                            The sword of justice pierces the heart.

                       An illness strikes, the more crimes are committed.

                            Blamed on a disease, X’s and Y’s.

                        The only thing known that people tell lies.

                                        But I want to know why,

                                         why people tell lies,

                                         though I might know;

                                                    so do I.

                              A day will come when I fight myself,

                              knowing who I am and what I have learned.

                                  My nature against my nurture,

                              for who I am and what I will become.

                             When lies and laws start to break,

                         deviant behavior becomes a crime.

                                     Then high price is paid,

                               at the scaling weights of time.

                          Not knowing your left from your right,

                                         a chain of anomie,

                                          a chain of illusion,

                            a chain of life set to be the confusion.

                                      The structure of society,

                                   a wall cracks and crumbles.

                            The conflict between people rise high

                                                   like tides.

                   In the animal kingdom the king knows his place,

                        yet even he sometimes changes his prey.

                              A predator becomes a scavenger,

       in the change of times, breaking norms and rules for a chance

                                                to survive.

                                         So you know now

                                       why my words rhyme,

                                           sensible poison,

                             being deviant changed with a crime.

By: Avtar Singh


About Sensible Poison

I love to discuss with others, about life and philosophy, and express myself through poetry (sometimes) . Whatever I post is original work, not copied from others; I love to express myself and my life through poetic words.
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