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The man behind A great religion: Baba Nanak dev ji


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Weeping clouds: Mighty roar

The time arrives, as winter befalls, the human world in a cold, wild, raging wind to the hearts; a frozen call. The time, so little, insignificant to the cost, of being happy; not just alive. Dreaded news echoes, throughout the … Continue reading

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Capture : Mind And Body

Captive in a terrain, cold as winter fly’s by, desolated to the world, filled with dark hate, fear, tears, and knowledge. Unbearable bond, coursing, manipulative blood, through the anatomy of my human frame; deprived of life yet so full (1) … Continue reading

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My Moon: moonlight

” The moon and it’s light”. Its been a while, quite long, as the day grew old (sunset) and the moon, forever young; beautiful as ever, rising, in the night. My moon, in the night, it’s been some time, since  we talked; in each others sight. … Continue reading

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