Begging of Sikhism

This is a young and powerful religion, which posses great words of enlightenment, in a poetic/musical from. This video will help you learn about the Humble begging’s of the worlds fifth largest faith, though it only covers some small aspect of the whole religion.

  “If there is one God, then there is only His way to attain Him, not another. One must follow that way and reject the other. Worship not him who is born only to die, but Him who is eternal and is contained in the whole universe.”  

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Days End

                              Days end, the king rises (a)

                             sorrow and pity is felt, hath(b)

                       not against thy queen. Against wrath,(b)

                          creed, drenched in colas; it arises(a)

                          Assemble your courage, distinct(c)

                          thy self from others, yourself.(d)

                           Others hate rises; being myself(d)

                     Create an allusion, to follow your instinct.(c)

                             Go to the top, to fall in down(e)

                           get the emotion to create peace(f)

                        love the distrusted, hate the trusted.(g)

                            wear the headset, guilty crown(e)

                             set free life in new verses, cresse(f)

                             the damned,loose;the mistrusted.(g)

By: Avtar Singh (main author of Sensible poison)

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A little about me: into my mind

I have let the plains of mind, blank, empty, transcending the mighty lords, in my mind.

To think on my own and like never before, I have become  different, delusional, to the ideas which I perceive; day in and day out.

What to do at the moment of conception, either follow, become a slave Zombie, or to take action and matters into my own, unskilled, inexperienced, shaking hands.

Yet time is irreverent, to the process of thinking, the light may represent the laws of speeds, limitations, fastest, yet we live in a space altered by us humans, maybe we can alter other things as well; then truly transcendent ourselves, “Becoming our own Gods”.

By: Avtar Singh (main author of Sensible Poison)

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Weeping clouds: Mighty roar

The time arrives, as winter befalls,

the human world in

a cold, wild, raging wind

to the hearts; a frozen call.

The time, so little, insignificant

to the cost, of being happy;

not just alive.

Dreaded news echoes,

throughout the desolate

cities and towns, through the mountains,

towards the skies,

as the hopes of the people;

die out. With the wind it flies out.


What a shame it is,

Christmas at the door steps,

the cheer so loud; dies out of fear. (winter arrives)

The winter is not alone,

here comes the might skies;

filled with dark clouds.

Concealing the sky,

from the human eyes,

no stars tonight, no day light tomorrow.

A roar, might, loud, clear , bright

is heard throughout the lands;

yet no one seen to have caused it.

The people again in fear,

tremble, at the sound,

a beast in the sky arrives;

the heavens weep through the dark clouds.

Weeping clouds: Might roar

BY: Avtar Singh (main author for Sensible Poison)

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Capture : Mind And Body

Captive in a terrain, cold as winter fly’s by, desolated to the world, filled with dark hate, fear, tears, and knowledge. Unbearable bond, coursing, manipulative blood, through the anatomy of my human frame; deprived of life yet so full (1) as the desire thrives.

Believe me, regardless of the perceived image, captured at sight, to what I babble (2); the Gods unknown to the light, concealed in darkness, do not bound me, to reality of believing in higher beings reasoning. Lords to others, capturing the masses but not my mind.

Curiosity kills the curious, similar implements, troubles me as well. The hollow grounds I walk, disdained, opposite to the path in mind, crumbles down further; as if walking (3) on thin layers of ice. Agitation, anxiety, breathless I feel, as my heart beats; to a symphony of adventure, to the changing seasons.

The clause on my body, mind, “knowledge”, impregnable by Religion but inconclusive (4) ideals will surly bring misfortune, and downright represent my downfall; from the high chair I sit on, greeting the skies in my mind, as my fall downwards begins.

(1)(overwhelming) (2)(speak with a nervous tone, fast and unclear)  (3) (traveling) (4) (half baked, not sure )

By: Avtar Singh ( main author for Sensible Poison)

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Riddles of life: Ambition/ Conviction

We want to know, we need to know, the riddles of  life, solved like a puzzle; by me and you.

Riddles of life:

We state the riddles of life;

never knowing the answers.

Just the questions poop up ,

deepening the mystery’s ;

until a a hole is created,

in you heart and mind.

To fill up that hole becomes your dream,

throughout the day and night;

forgetting everything around you,

lost in your own mind.

Ambition/ Conviction

Like most people you’ll see,

whats in your eyes;

the glare of the mighty sea.

The ambition combined with conviction,

left aside the pity pride;

to follow your dreams.

By: Avtar Singh ( main author for Sensible Poison)

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Free verse

Life is a free verse.

If that’s what you think;

not so free, is it,

to you or another,

when to get ahead,

you need to pay a price.

Some is felt and drowns,

in your heart, but, let it go,

in the end; its just an image,

of yourself,  manifested in desire.

By: Avtar Singh ( main author for Sensible Poison)

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